Titan Infrastructure

Technology That Scales with Your Business

We've invested in the best technology and industry talent to enable world-class speed and reliability, regardless of traffic circumstances or catalog size. Enabled by the latest cloud-based services, the proprietary Titan Infrastructure scales dynamically to meet the ever-changing needs of the world’s largest online retailers.

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IntelliSuggest® Engine

Proprietary Technology that Delivers Incredible Results

Our proprietary engine leverages the latest advances in machine learning and predictive artificial intelligence to surface the most relevant products across the customer journey. The IntelliSuggest® Engine is flexible, empowering retailers in all categories. Support for custom business logic means that retailers have ultimate control over what shoppers see and purchase.

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Relevancy Suite

Relevant and Engaging Shopping Experiences

This comprehensive collection of products ensures that shoppers see the most relevant products on every page, regardless of how they access your store. From the advanced and captivating autocomplete experience, to the intelligent 1:1 product recommendations, the Relevancy Suite engages visitors from start to finish.

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Merchandising Suite

Intuitive and Powerful Merchandising Controls

These robust controls enable instant optimization of autocomplete, search results, category pages, and more. Our intuitive drag-and-drop interface means that responding to trends with reactive marketing campaigns is finally as easy as it should be.

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Insights Suite

Clear Insights that Drive Conversion

Our Insights Suite uncovers actionable data and makes it easy to understand, enabling informed strategic decisions across departments. Beyond surfacing data, the Insights Suite delivers an instant path to the appropriate solution.

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Deliver relevant results that convert at a rate 35% higher than average

The combined power of the new Relevancy Platform and Titan Infrastructure allow you to keep up with record breaking traffic volumes with an average response time under 100ms.

SearchSpring Delivers Relevant Results SearchSpring Delivers Relevant Results SearchSpring Delivers Relevant Results SearchSpring Delivers Relevant Results

SearchSpring’s Relevancy Platform™ delivers the most relevant products and content to shoppers


  • Increased Conversion & Revenue Per User
  • Increased Customer Engagement
  • Higher Average Order Value
  • Consistent Customer Experience
  • Trusted & Reliable Infrastructure


  • Personalized Search Results
  • Advanced Merchandising Capabilities
  • Actionable Insights
  • Fast & Scalable Infrastructure
  • Flexible & Seamless Integration